About the work request portal

The work request portal allows guests (which are users who don't have Fiix login credentials) to submit work requests from outside the CMMS. For example, machine operators at your organization might not need Fiix logins, but they still need to be able to report issues with their equipment. They can submit their requests using the portal, without needing to log in to the Fiix CMMS.

 The way you configure the portal greatly impacts how guests interact with it. The following articles explain all of the settings you can configure, as well as the impact that they have on the user experience:

The following articles explain how guests use the portal:

We also have some FAQs to help answer common questions we get about the portal.

Looking for additional resources to help get your users up to speed? We've got instructional videos, a Getting Started Guide, and an editable info card that you can print and distribute to your guest users.

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