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Configure sign-in requirements

Before You Begin: We're rolling out this feature in waves during March and April. For more information about the rollout plan, see the Rollout Plan section in About the work request portal. Looking for help with the existing version of the portal instead? See the Guest Work Requests section. Not sure which version you're using? Check out this article, which explains the difference between them.

In the Sign-in Requirements section, you can define what information guests must provide to access the portal.


The portal always requires guests to enter their first and last name, but you can configure it to also require their email address by selecting the Require guest email address checkbox. When this checkbox is selected, the portal displays the Email address field, and guests cannot access the portal without entering their email address. To learn more about how guests log in to the portal, see Log in to the work request portal.

Note: If you don't require email addresses (in other words, if this checkbox is cleared), you won't be able to send guests notifications about their work requests. To make this connection clear, the app automatically hides the Notifications section so that you can't try to enable guest notifications if you aren't collecting email addresses. To learn more about configuring notifications, see Configure guest notifications.

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