Configure the work request form

In the Form section, you can add, require, reorder, and remove the fields that are displayed to guests when they submit a work request.


You can complete the following tasks to configure the form:

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Add fields to the form

By default, the form includes the Site ID and Description fields. You can add any work order fields to the form, including (if you're on the Enterprise tier) custom fields.

To add a field to the form:

  1. Click the Add field button.
  2. Click the fields you want to add. The app moves them from the available list (on the left) to the selected list (on the right).
  3. If you click a field in error, remove it by clicking it in the selected list (on the right). The app moves it back to the available list (on the left).
  4. Click OK.

Specify which fields are required

The fields that you mark as required have a red asterisk next to them on the Work Request form, and guests cannot submit work requests without completing these fields. By default, Site ID and Description are always required fields, and you cannot mark them as not required.

To specify which fields are required:

  • To mark a field as required, select the Field Entry Required checkbox next to the field name.
  • To mark a field as not required, clear the Field Entry Required checkbox next to the field name.

Reorder fields

You can reorder any fields that you've added to the form. You can also reorder the Description field (which is added to the form by default), but you cannot reorder the Site ID field. This is because all work requests are tied to a site, and all subsequent form data (assets, for example) is associated with the selected site.

To reorder fields:

  1. Hover over the menu icon (menu_icon.png) next to the field you want to reorder. The app changes your cursor to indicate that you can move the field.
  2. Click and drag the field where you want to place it.

Remove fields from the form

You can remove any fields that you've added to the Work Request form. However, the Site ID and Description fields (which are added by default) cannot be removed from the form.

To remove fields from the form:

  • To remove one field, hover over it in the list. The app displays a Delete icon (delete_icon.png) next to the field. Click the Delete icon, and then click OK.
  • To remove multiple fields, select the checkbox to the left of the field name. Click the Delete icon (delete_icon.png) at the bottom of the list, and then click OK.
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