Maintenance videos

The videos in this article will help you understand how to configure and use our maintenance features.

Create a work order

Learn how to turn a work request into a work order by assigning technicians, creating tasks, and adding parts.


Submit a work request

Learn how to submit a request for maintenance to the maintenance team.


Assigned work orders

Learn more about assigned work orders.


Labor tasks

Learn how to add additional labour to a single task in work orders.


Using task groups

Learn how to save commonly used tasks into a task group.



Manage complex work orders with the projects function.


Scheduled maintenance

Set up tasks to be completed during scheduled maintenance, assign them to users, and define triggers that will automatically generate work orders.


Scheduled maintenance triggers

A detailed look at scheduled maintenance triggers in your CMMS.


Nest preventive maintenance

Learn how to build a simple nested preventive maintenance to stack scheduled maintenances tasks at different intervals.


Maintenance and work order settings

Learn more about modifying the settings for maintenance and work orders.


Customizing work requests

Customize work requests to expand the details that can be added.

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