Calendar FAQ

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This feature is part of our early availability program. To learn how to participate, please contact your Fiix representative.

This article contains answers to the following common questions about calendar:

How can I get access to calendar?

Currently, calendar is only available to customers in our early availability program. To learn more, contact your Fiix representative.

If your organization is using calendar, but you don't have access, contact your administrator to enable access for your user group.


Why can't I view older work orders in the calendar?

Currently, the calendar only displays work orders that were created after the calendar feature was enabled. You can still access older work orders in Maintenance > Work Orders, but you won't be able to view them in the calendar.


What is a suggested start date?

Suggested start date is a new field for work orders:


This field currently only available to customers who are using the calendar in our early availability program. It represents the date and time you expect someone to start on that work order.


What happens if a work order doesn't have dates?

Work orders can only be displayed on the calendar if they have a suggested start date or a suggested completion date. If they have one date but not the other, they're displayed on the calendar with only a 30-minute duration:


This means that:

  • Work orders with both a suggested start and suggested completion date are displayed on the calendar using their full suggested duration. For example, if a work order is suggested to start on Wednesday and end on Thursday, it would span those 2 days on the calendar.

  • Work orders with only one date (i.e. a suggested start or a suggested completion date) are displayed with only a half-hour duration. For example, if a work order has a suggested start date of Monday at 9 AM, but no suggested completion date, it would be displayed as spanning from 9 to 9:30 AM on Monday.

  • Work orders with neither a suggested start nor a suggested completion date are not displayed on the calendar at all.

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