Reschedule or reassign work orders in the calendar

Before you begin

This feature is part of our early availability program. To learn how to participate, please contact your Fiix representative.

You can change a work order's assignee and the suggested start and suggested completion dates directly in the calendar by either resizing or moving the work order.

To reschedule or reassign a work order in the calendar:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Calendar BETA.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • To change a work order's duration (i.e. how. long it will take to complete), resize it:


      After you've resized a work order, the calendar updates either the suggested start or suggested completion date. For example, clicking and dragging the end of a work order changes its suggested completion date from Monday to Tuesday.

    • To move a work order without changing its duration (i.e. when the work should happen, but not how long it will take), click and drag it to a new day on the calendar:


      For example, you could move a work order from Thursday to Friday, which would update both the suggested start and suggested completion dates.

    • To reassign a wok order, click and drag it to a new row in the calendar:


      The work order is reassigned to whichever user or user group you moved it to. In the example above, the work order would be reassigned to Lily Edwards.

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