View work orders in the calendar

Before you begin

This feature is part of our early availability program. To learn how to participate, please contact your Fiix representative.

Work orders are displayed on the calendar based on their suggested start date, suggested completion date, and assignee.


For example, in the image above Anuj Chaundry has 2 work orders this week, so they're both displayed in his row, under the dates that they should start and end:

For work orders with a short duration (i.e. the suggested start and suggested completion dates are close together), some of the information is compressed so that it can fit. In the example above, both work orders are medium priority. However, the calendar displays both the priority name and icon on the second work order, which is larger, and just the icon on the second.

You can see more details about a work order, such as its summary of issue, by clicking it to open an expanded view.

To view the calendar:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Calendar BETA:

  2. If you’ve been assigned access to specific sites, select the site you want to view the calendar for in the site picker:


    Note: Calendar does not currently support selecting regions.

  3. Use the left and right arrows to view different weeks:


    Tip: To jump back to the current week, click Today.

  4. Click a work order to view more details. The calendar displays an expanded view:


To learn how to edit work orders in the calendar, see Reschedule or reassign work orders in the calendar.

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