Create a new look

Before you begin

Plans: Professional and Enterprise

Audience: Creators

The easiest way to create a new look is by starting from an existing one that contains similar data.

Each look starts with an "explore", which is like a data table. For example, if you wanted to create a new look that shows information about work orders, you could start by opening the explore for a similar existing look, such as the Work Order Cost Report.

To create a new look:

  1. Open an existing look that displays similar data to the look you want to create. To learn how, see View looks.

  2. Click the gear icon:

  3. In the menu, select Explore from here:

  4. Configure your look by doing any of the following:

  5. When you're finished configuring your look, click the gear icon:

  6. In the menu, select Save > As a Look:

  7. Enter a title and (optional) description for your look.

  8. In the Folder list, select where you want to save the look:

    • Personal: Nobody else can view the looks you save in this folder. Only you can access them.

    • Group: Anyone in your organization with access to analytics can view the looks you save in this folder.

    • Shared: You can't save looks in this folder. This folder is only for the default looks that Fiix provides.

  9. Click Save.

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