Add filters to a look

Before you begin

Plans: Professional and Enterprise

Audience: Creators

To add a filter to a look:

  1. Open the look in edit mode. To learn how, see Edit a look.

  2. In the field list next to the field you want to add a filter for, click the filter icon:

  3. In the Filters section, select the operator (is equal to, contains, etc.) you want to use from the drop-down list:

  4. In the field provided, enter the criteria you want to filter for:

  5. (Optional) To add another statement to your filter:

    1. Click the + button:


      For example, you could add another statement to filter for work orders that are low priority or don't have a priority assigned.

      Note: The application automatically selects whether the statement uses AND or OR depending on the operators you select.

    2. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to configure the statement.

  6. Click Save.


Want to create your own custom filter? Select the Custom Filter checkbox in the Filter section header. The application displays a Custom Filter field where you can define your filter using LookML.

To learn more about LookML, see Looker functions and operators in the Looker documentation.

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