Customize an existing report template


Creating a custom report from scratch can be daunting. You need to have a pretty solid understanding of the database architecture, and spend a bit of time customizing your report. The easiest option is to start from an existing template. There are over 50 pre-built reports that you can duplicate, and then customize for your requirements.

Customize an Existing Report Template:

1.  To customize an existing report, click Reports and find a report that you like under the Designer Report header.  All reports located under the Designer Report header can be duplicated.


2.  Hover the cursor overtop of the record, and click the duplicate button


3. Rename the report, and click OK


4.  The new report will now appear on your list of reports. Open it, and you will be allowed to edit the report as you see fit. For details on how to build and customize a report with the report writer feature, take a look at our comprehensive set of report writer procedures here: Create a Custom Report with The Report Writer

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