Report writer overview


Reports writer is a feature designed to allow users to create their own, customized reports.

You can easily design a new report, save it, run it, and schedule its execution, as all reports already available.

Those reports can make use of any user-facing data in the CMMS, and allow you to present your maintenance data in a fashionable way.

For example : in a few minutes, you can create a report showing you how many work orders are in each of your statuses, which user is assigned to recently created work orders, etc…


How can I enable it?

Our reports writer feature is available to all customers on the professional, or enterprise plan. It is now enabled by default for all

You can access the report writer page under the “reports” main menu


Are there any prerequisites ?

The reports writer feature technically provides a visual interface to the SQL language. It has been designed in a way that any user can learn how to use it fairly easily.

However, it is an advanced feature, and as such, you will greatly benefit from previous experience in generating reports.

Our reports writer feature is quite similar to other reporting tools, and works in a similar fashion as them, such as Pivot Tables in Excel, or queries in MS Access. Of course, if you have a working knowledge of SQL queries, this will feel like a walk in the park.

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