Excel custom field asset report


This procedure will demonstrate how to create an Excel custom field asset report.

1. Start by creating a new custom field.

Navigate to Settings >CMMS Settings >Custom Fields and click New


2. Add the asset category that the custom field applies to by selecting the drop-down button


3. Select an asset category


4. Create a Name, and select a Type using the drop-down button


5. Click OK

6. Click Save

7. Add the new custom field information to the asset

8. Open the Custom tab of the asset, enter the value into the custom field and click Save

9. Continue adding custom fields to the remaining assets. Once finished, filter by / select the asset category and click the Select Visible columns icon highlighted below.

10. Select any custom fields that should be included in the report, using the check boxes highlighted below. Once satisfied, click OK

Note:- Any fields with an * are custom fields


11. Check off the assets to be exported to Excel, once finished, click Export

12. The result is a custom field asset report

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