Change dashboard settings

Before you begin

Plans: Professional and Enterprise

Audience: Creators

To change dashboard settings:

  1. Open the dashboard in edit mode. To learn how, see Edit a dashboard.

  2. Click Settings:

  3. Select a Timezone for the dashboard.

  4. (Optional) To refresh the dashboard every time you open it, switch on the Run on load toggle:

  5. (Optional) To Automatically refresh the dashboard:

    1. Switch on the Automatically refresh dashboard toggle.

    2. Use the controls provided to specify how often you want to refresh the dashboard:

    3. (Optional) To change how often a specific dashboard tile refreshes, select Refresh every in the Refresh frequency drop-down list next to the tile. Then, use the controls provided to specify how often that tile should refresh.

  6. In the Filters tab, select an option in the Default filters view drop-down list. This determines whether filters are collapsed or expanded when users open the dashboard:

  7. Click Save (on the Settings screen).

  8. When you're done editing the dashboard, click Save.

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