About push notifications in the mobile app

The Fiix mobile app can send push notifications to users upon the creation of a work order.

Push notifications will be sent to a user when:

  • A new work order is created and assigned to the user

  • A new work order is created and its task is assigned to the user


  • You must be connected to the internet to receive push notifications.

  • iOS users do not receive push notifications when the Fiix CMMS app is in the foreground.

  • Notifications are not generated for work requests created in the work request portal, or when a new work order is assigned to a user group.

  • Only the iOS app supports deep linking (allowing push notifications to send users directly to specific pages in an app).

To disable push notifications from the Fiix CMMS app:

  1. Go to your device settings.

  2. Search for "Fiix CMMS."

  3. Tap App notifications on Android or Notifications on iOS.

  4. Toggle off your notifications.

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