Change the status of a work request

Before you begin

This feature must be enabled by an administrator before you can access it. To learn more, see Enable viewing work requests in the mobile app.

All work requests initially have the Requested status and appear in the Work Requests tab (Requests on iOS) as well as the Work Orders tab. You can change this status to convert the work request to a work order, which allows you to enter information about parts, costs, and businesses.

Changing a work request's status from Requested to any other status will cause it to no longer display in the Work Requests tab.

To change the status of a work request:

  1. In the feature menu, tap Work Orders.

  2. Tap the Work Requests tab (Requests in iOS).

  3. Tap the work request you want to change the status for.

  4. Tap Work order status:

  5. Tap a status.

  6. Tap Submit.

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