Submit a work request in the mobile app

The work request portal allows guests (which are users who don't have Fiix login credentials) to submit work requests from outside the CMMS. For example, machine operators at your organization might not need Fiix logins, but they still need to be able to report issues with their equipment. They can submit their requests using the portal, without needing to log in to the Fiix CMMS.

To access the work request portal using the mobile app:

  1. On the login page for the mobile app, tap Create a work request:

  2. Enter the subdomain for your organization's CMMS.

    This is the part of the URL before "".  For example, if your organization's CMMS URL was "", your subdomain would be "mobile":

  3. Tap Continue.

    At this point, the app redirects you to the mobile browser, where you can log in to the portal and submit your request.

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