Reopen a task

If necessary, you can reopen a task after you've completed it. For example, if you've marked a task complete by mistake, you could follow these steps to reopen it.

To reopen a task:

  1. In the feature menu, tap Work Orders.

  2. Tap the work order that contains the task you want to reopen.

  3. Tap Tasks.

  4. Tap the Log work button on the task you want to reopen:

    A Completed task with the Log work button highlighted.
  5. Tap View previously logged work:

    The Log work screen with the View previously logged work button highlighted.
  6. Tap the logged work:

    The Logged work screen with logged work highlighted.
  7. Switch off the Complete task toggle:

    The Edit work screen with the Complete task toggle highlighted. The toggle is switched off.

    In the example above, the Complete task toggle is switched off. When switched on, the toggle is green.

  8. Tap Save.

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