About offline mode in the mobile app

Before you begin

If you log out before your changes are synced, your changes will be lost.

The Fiix mobile app can be used in offline mode, which allows you to keep working even in areas with little to no network connection. Any changes you make while offline won’t be synced with the web app but they will be saved locally. This saved data includes your files, images, and other multimedia.

When a stable connection is restored, your data will sync with the server. If you log out of the app before it is able to sync, any changes you made while offline will be lost. This can also happen if you’re logged out unexpected, such as when:

  • The new app version has a database change and you upgrade the app to the new version. You will be logged out and asked to log in again.

  • The app is kept idle for more than 30 days.


To prevent being logged out automatically when the app is left idle, we suggest opening the app at least once a week.

To make sure your changes sync, do not log out of the app until a network connection is restored. To learn how to sync the app, see Syncing the mobile app.

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