Sign work orders

Before you begin

This feature is only available to customers on our Enterprise tier. If a work order doesn't include the E-Signatures section, it means that either your administrator hasn't set up this feature, or that it hasn't been enabled for that specific work order. To learn about setting up e-signatures, see About setting up e-signatures.

If a work order has e-signature enabled, you can sign the work order using the mobile app. Anyone assigned to the work order can sign it, but only one person can sign each work order, and once a signature is saved, it can't be deleted. That means that if more than one person is assigned to a work order, you should coordinate with one another to figure out who will sign it.

Although you can technically sign a work order at any point during the process, we recommend signing it only when all its tasks are complete.

To sign a work order:

  1. In the mobile app, open the Work Orders feature.

  2. Tap the work order you want to sign.

  3. Tap Add E-Signature:

    The E-Signature section in a work order
  4. Use your finger to sign the work order in the space provided:

    The Add E-Signature screen in the mobile app, displaying a signature.
  5. Tap Save.

  6. On the warning that appears, tap Save again.

    After you save your signature, it's displayed in the E-Signature section:

    A signed work order with the E-Signature section (including the name, date, and signature) highlighted.
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