Use the scanner in the mobile app

If your organization includes QR codes in printed work orders, or has affixed barcodes or QR codes to its parts or assets, you can use the scanner to navigate directly to the appropriate record. For example, if you scan the QR code on a printed work order, the app automatically opens the work order's details.

To scan a barcode or QR code:

  1. If you have access to multiple sites at your organization, make sure that you have the correct site selected.

    For example, if you want to scan a work order for an asset at the Toronto site, make sure you've selected the Toronto site from the list. To learn how to switch sites, see Switch sites in the mobile app.

  2. Tap the Scan icon in the feature menu:

  3. Point your phone at the barcode or QR code.

    If you have access to the item you scanned, the app opens it. Otherwise, it displays an error message indicating that it couldn't find the item. If the error message indicates that it couldn't find the item at that site specifically, make sure that you've selected the right site.

To learn about which barcode types are supported in the mobile app, see Supported barcode types in the mobile app.

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