Syncing the mobile app

Before you begin

You can only sync the app while connected to a wireless network.

Syncing refers to the transfer of your CMMS data between your device and the Fiix server. When your data is not synced, the changes you’ve made in the app will not be reflected in the web version. Your changes are still saved locally, but they will be lost if you log out before syncing.

The app automatically syncs your data at regular intervals and after certain actions. You can also manually sync your data if you want to push it to the server before the next regular sync.

Auto sync

The Android and iOS apps sync automatically in the following situations:

Sync type

iOS devices

Android devices

Interval sync

A sync will occur every 10 minutes when the app is active (i.e., not in the background).

A sync will occur every 15 minutes.

Action sync

Performing any action will trigger a sync for that specific action.

A sync will trigger when you:

  • Create a work order

  • Leave a work order

  • Submit a work order

  • Submit or save a cycle count

  • Upload a file

Manual sync

If you want to ensure that your changes are synced before logging out of the app, you can sync them manually.

To manually sync:

  1. In the feature menu, tap More (also accessible through Work Order on Android).

  2. Tap the Refresh icon (sync_button.png).

  3. To confirm the sync was successful, check the date and time listed under your name:

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