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This feature is currently in beta. To learn more, contact your Fiix representative.

Work order insights is an applied AI solution that automates the process of reviewing work orders to identify problems and abnormalities that could impact your operations. The tool can help you optimize the maintenance process to free up team resources.

To find abnormalities, the tool first groups or "clusters" work orders based on their description. This lets us compare work orders that represent similar work, so that we're not comparing (for example) replacing a filter with fixing an engine. This clustering process happens across sites, and is language agnostic, which means that we can cluster similar work even if it happened at different sites or was recorded in different languages.

After comparing each work order to the others in its cluster, it is assigned:

  • A risk score, which is a number between 1-1000 that represents the relative risk for the work order

  • A risk color, which is based on the risk score

  • A root cause, which identifies the main type of issue we found with the work order

  • A diagnosis (or multiple diagnoses), which identify the abnormalities that led the algorithm to assign the root cause

This information is displayed in 2 separate reports: one for active work orders (which allows you to intervene in urgent, risky work orders while they're still in progress) and another for closed work orders (which can be used for port-mortem work and to identify trends you want to address in future work orders).

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