Troubleshooting imports

This article contains troubleshooting information to help solve the most common problems with import files. Use the links below to jump to a specific problem:

My import failed

Failed imports are often caused by field values in your CSV that contain special characters, such as commas or apostrophes.

If your import fails, open the CSV file in Excel, search for the characters listed below, and implement the suggested change. Then, before trying to import the entire file again, do a test with only 2 or 3 records to make sure the formatting is correct.

Special Character

Suggested Change

Apostrophe or single quotation mark (‘)

Remove the apostrophe or single quotation mark from the field value.

Comma (,)

Remove the comma from the field value or replace it with a semicolon (;).

Double quotation marks (")

Remove the double quotation marks from the field value or replace them with other characters, such as left and right angle brackets (< and >).

Line breaks (for example, in multi-line addresses)

Remove line breaks from the field value.


Some of my asset names were only partially imported

In a CSV file, a comma represents the start of the next record. This means that if you have a comma within a field value, such as an asset name, the import thinks that the record ends at the comma.

To fix this issue, remove the comma from the from the field value and then try re-importing 2 or 3 records to make sure the formatting is correct. Once you've imported those test records successfully, you can try again with the full file.

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