Import parts and supplies

Before you begin

  • Records that contain special characters (commas, quotation marks, etc.) can result in corrupted data, and can even cause imports to fail. We suggest doing a test import with only 2 or 3 records to ensure your formatting is correct. To learn more about special characters in import files, see Troubleshooting Imports.
  • When importing, any columns that you leave blank will result in blank records, as they are not auto-populated by the CMMS. To prevent unexpected issues, we suggest removing any columns you don’t need to update.


Parts and Supplies are imported in the same way as Assets. Create a CSV using any of the importable fields listed for Parts and Supplies (see Data Import Overview for a list of importable fields).  For Parts and Supplies items add a Stock Location, Quantity on Hand, and Minimum Allowable Quantity to automate the Parts and Supplies module (see Getting Started with Parts and Supplies for more information about automation)

Example Parts and Supplies CSV


1. Select: Supplies - Parts and Supplies - Import


2. Select a file and click Continue


3. Define the field mappings by matching the header in your CSV file to the corresponding item from the drop down menu. The fields shown on the left are extracted from your file while the fields chosen through the drop downs are CMMS fields. Click on Continue when finished.


4. Select Import


5. Select Done

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