Import Assets with Multiple Users/Suppliers


In order to import assets that have multiple users and/or suppliers, the CSV file upload is repeated following adjustments to the columns containing the multiples.

1. Create an Asset CSV with supplier and/or user personnel code criteria.


2. Verify that the CSV Personnel and Supplier data currently exist in the CMMS. 


3. Navigate to the Import functionality by selecting Assets and then Import.


4. Upload your CSV and click Continue when finished.


5. Define the field mappings by matching the header in your CSV file to the corresponding item from the drop down menu. The fields shown on the left are extracted from your file, while the fields chosen through the drop downs are CMMS fields.


6. Once the import completes, click Done to exit.



7. To import multiple codes assigned to the same asset, use the same CSV file. Replace the users/suppliers columns with the the secondary users/suppliers criteria.  


8. Import the second CSV using the same process outlined above. When prompted an asset already exists with that code or name, select the checkbox "Use this answer for all future questions" and click Update:


9. Repeat for remaining multiple users/suppliers.

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