Asset cost roll up


The financials tab allows you to view all of the work order costs associated with an entire asset hierarchy, or any individual assets contained within it.  This article demonstrates how to use the financials tab to view asset costs.


Please note: This feature is only available on our Enterprise Tier and higher.


1. To begin click Assets, select an asset, and click Financials


2. You will initially see the total costs per period for the entire asset hierarchy in the Parent Summary. These costs include all parent, and child asset costs in the hierarchy. There are four columns in the Parent Summary:

  • Cost Type: breaks down the individual work order costs - Labour, Parts, and Miscellaneous
  • MTD - Month To Date: this outlines the costs for the current month from the first to the current date.
  • YTD - Year To Date: this outlines the cost for the current year from January 1st to the current date.
  • LTD - Lifetime To Date: this outlines the total costs from when the asset was first added to the CMMS.

Each of the columns are totalled to give a detailed breakdown of the costs incurred over the set periods.


3. You can expand the hierarchy, and view the costs incurred in work orders involving an individual child asset. Select the child asset to view the costs incurred in the Child Summary window.


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