Asset naming conventions

Why use an Asset Naming Convention?

Asset naming conventions are a great way to instantly recognize an asset and its location. When there is a list of similar assets, being able to quickly identify each one by looking at its name saves both time and effort.

If we use the example below we can see that there are a number of HVAC units at various locations. The assets all have the same name 'HVAC', so distinguishing between them is difficult.


A naming convention can be used to improve how the HVAC assets are identified in the CMMS. If the asset's name includes an abbreviation of the asset's location, it becomes much clearer which asset it is. The example bellow used the abbreviation of SanFran (San Francisco Admin Office), and Brew-Fl (Brewing Floor) in the naming convention.


The same naming convention was used for another HVAC unit. Again, an abbreviation of the physical asset location was used, NY-HQ (New York HQ) BDWY-APP (Broadway Apartments).

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