Linking a file to multiple assets

Q: I am wondering if it is possible to "link" a file, whether it be an image or a document to a group of assets. For example, I have 22 assets that are the same make and model with different serial numbers but would like to have a list of docs available without having to use up a large amount of space or time uploading manuals and such 22 separate times.


A: Yes, it is possible to do this but you must use an external file depository like dropbox. You simply add a link to this file in the files section, rather than upload it.

Another suggestion would be to create a master asset. For example, you have 22 volvo trucks. You could add a Master or Dummy asset called Volvo Truck Dummy Asset and add the schematics, manual, image etc files to that.

It is not possible to add the files to 1 asset in the CMMS and link the other assets to it. This is something we are looking at improving for newer versions.

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