Create an asset hierarchy manually


This article will go through the steps involved to manually create an asset hierarchy.


1. Start by creating the main site location.  This is the location where all of the child assets will be located. Select Assets and New


2. Select Locations or Facilities


3. Select As a new location, enter the location information, and click OK


4. Add a name, a description, and click Save.


5. Next, create a location within the newly created facility. Select Facilities and New


6. Select In facility location, select the newly created facility, and click save. This action locates the new facility within the facility that was just created.


7. Add a name, a description and click Save. 


8. Next, add an equipment asset to the asset hierarchy by locating it within a Facility or Location. Select Equipment and New 


9. Select a site where the equipment will be located at. In this case the site is (No-Site).


10. Add a name, and a description. Select This Equipment is located at, pick the location or facility that the asset is located at, and click Save. This action locates the new equipment asset within the facility.  


11. Next, add a sub-component of the equipment asset. Select Equipment, and New


12. Add a name, and a description.  Select This Equipment is a part of, pick the asset that the asset is a part of, and click Save. This action locates the new asset within the equipment asset.


13. Below illustrates the newly created hierarchy.

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