View closed work orders for an asset


This procedure will cover five methods used to view closed work orders for an asset.

1. Asset Log

Closed work orders can be viewed by selecting the Log tab and scrolling down to the Work Order History window.


2. Reports

Closed work orders can be viewed by running the Closed Work Orders by Asset report.  This provides a list of closed Work Orders for an asset.

1. Select: Reports, enter closed work orders in the search bar, and select the Closed Work Orders by Asset report.


2. Click Run, enter a date range, select an asset, and click Run.


3. Build Your Own Custom Report

Custom work order reports can be built to generate the data in the format you need. See the Report Building section for more information.


4. Work Order Filter

Another way to view closed work orders is to navigate to the Work Orders screen. Select, Closed, Completed from the drop down menu, and enter the name of the asset in the search bar.


5. Custom Work Order Filters

This is outlined in the Scheduled Maintenance and Work Order Custom Filter procedure.

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