Export and save backup data


Backup data is used only for audit or data security purposes, and cannot be used to restore a CMMS.

There are two ways to export and save data:

Export records

You can export an unlimited number of page-level records each month. Exported records are automatically saved as a CSV file in your Downloads folder.

To export records:

  1. Navigate to the records you'd like to export, like assets, facilities, or equipment.

  2. Highlight the items to export:

    Asset records list view with all records checked in orange
  3. Click Export:

    Asset records list view with the Export button highlighted in orange
  4. The file will be available in your Downloads folder (or other system-default download location) when the download is complete.

Export database backup

Before you begin

This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.

Database backups are saved as SQL (Structured Query Language) files, which are used to access and modify information in a database.

The generation process may take some time depending on the amount of data in your CMMS. Once generated, the backup will be available to download for 24 hours.

To export and save a backup copy of your database:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security and Infrastructure.

  2. Click Database Export:

    Database Export button highlighted in orange
  3. Choose your settings:

    • To include files that are uploaded to your CMMS, click the Include files checkbox:

      Database export page with Include files box checked and highlighted in orange
    • To require a password to extract the downloaded files, check the Set password checkbox and enter a password in the field provided:

      Database export page with set password box checked and highlighted in orange
  4. Click Launch generation:

    Database export page with launch generation button highlighted in orange
  5. Wait for the export to complete.

  6. Click Download:

    Database export page with generated record list and Download generated record button highlighted in orange
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