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Before you begin

Plans: Professional and Enterprise

Audience: Users and Creators

Dashboards display the data from your looks as interactive tiles (or "widgets") that allow you to view key information at a glance. You can click on data points in your tiles to drill down and view more details.

When you open analytics, your organization's default dashboard is displayed. To open a different dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Analytics in the feature menu:

  2. Click the folder icon:

  3. Click the folder the dashboard is saved in:

    • My Folder: Your personal dashboards (requires creator permissions). Only you can view these dashboards.

    • Group: Your organization's custom dashboards. Anyone at your organization who has access to analytics can view these dashboards.

    • Shared: The default dashboards that we provide.

  4. In the Dashboards section of that folder, click the dashboard you want to view:

  5. Once the dashboard has loaded, you can do any of the following:

    • To view more details about a widget, click one of its data points:

    • To filter the dashboard, apply the filters at the top of the dashboard:

    • To open links or drill down from this view, see the instructions in the Open links or drill down of View looks.

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