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Before you begin

Plans: Professional and Enterprise

Audience: Users and Creators

Looks are like interactive reports. You can drill down into the data to learn more and even use links to navigate directly to individual records, such as work orders and assets.

To view a look:

  1. Navigate to Analytics in the feature menu:

  2. Click the folder icon:

  3. Click the folder the look is saved in:

    • My Folder: Your personal looks (requires creator permissions). Only you can view these looks.

    • Group: This is where the looks and dashboards created by your organization are stored. Anyone at your organization who has access to analytics can view these looks.

    • Shared: The default looks that we provide.

  4. In the Looks section of the folder, click the look you want to view:


Open links or drill down

Once you've opened the look, you can see more information by doing any of the following:

  • If the look contains links, click the link (...) button for the item you want to view, and then click Fiix. For example, clicking the link in the image below would open work order 822813:

  • If your cursor changes into a hand when you hover over a data point, click the data point to drill down further. If there's more than one way to drill down into the data, select the method you want to use in the drop-down list.

    For example, in the image below, you could drill down into your moved asset data by either date or time:

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