Add meter readings to an asset

This article demonstrates how to add meter readings to an asset using the Fiix mobile app.

Meter readings allow you to keep track of your asset's usage. For more information about meter readings, see Introduction to meter readings.

To add meter readings to an asset:

  1. In the feature menu, tap Assets.

  2. Tap the asset you want to add meter readings to.

  3. Tap Readings:

  4. Tap the + button.


    In iOS, this icon is fixed and in the bottom center of the screen. In Android, it will appear on the lower right.

  5. If using iOS, tap Add readings,

  6. Select the unit to use for the meter reading:

  7. Enter your meter reading.

  8. Tap Save.


    After sync, the new reading replaces the previous reading displayed for that unit of measurement. On Android devices, the last two readings are displayed.

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