Configure barcode formats


This article will demonstrate how to configure barcode formats. A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached. 



Whereas QR codes are generated automatically in the CMMS, barcodes can be assigned to an asset after it has been created in the CMMS. Simply scroll down to the barcode field on the asset record, and enter in the barcode code:


The barcode for an item must match the format configured in the CMMS Settings in order to scan barcodes and populate asset information successfully. 

Barcode formats are assigned to asset categories. All assets that fall under the asset category will inherit the corresponding barcode format.

Supported Barcode Formats



1. To start, select Settings, Cmms Settings, Asset Categories and an asset category


2. Select Barcode Support, and select a barcode from the dropdown menu. Check-off "Apply barcode selection to all child categories within this category when the form saves" if all child categories should inherit the barcode (optional). Click OK to complete.


4. Barcodes with this format are now assigned to assets with the asset category

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