Release notes: March 8, 2021

This release includes the following changes:

Separate stock items in Purchase Planning Board

Before you begin

Currently, this change only affects RFQs. It will be implemented for POs in a future release. Further, it will not affect your existing RFQs. It will only be applied to new RFQs going forward.

RFQs in the Purchase Planning board now respect our new Enable stock disassociation in POs and RFQs setting.

When the Enable stock disassociation in POs and RFQs checkbox is selected (located in Settings > CMMS Settings > Purchasing), line items for the same stock will be displayed separately in new RFQs in the Purchase Planning Board.

To learn more about this and other purchasing settings, see Configure purchasing settings in your CMMS.


Customized warranty types

The values in the Warranty Type drop-down list can now be customized using the Localization feature. This means that if your organization uses terms other than "Basic" and "Extended", you can update them to reflect your organization's terminology.

To learn more about the Localization feature, see Create customized translations.


Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release:

Zendesk ID


43865, 49746

Fixed an issue where the Calendar only displayed work orders that were assigned directly to a user. Now, work orders assigned to their user group are also displayed, as expected.

47654, 47684

Fixed an issue where Inspection tasks created via API were not displayed correctly.

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