Release notes: November 15, 2021

This release includes the following changes:

API enhancements

Our API (version 2.29.0) now supports creating guest work requests with requestor information.

To learn more, see our API Reference.


Duplicate username warning

When you create a username for a new user, the app now warns you if you enter a duplicate username.

Usernames are not case-sensitive. For example, the usernames Taylor.Technician and taylor.technician would be considered duplicates.


Bug fixes



Fixed an issue where the API filters were not displaying regions in the results.

59103, 59143, 59205

Fixed an issue where users couldn't select the site or RCA fields when accessing the work request portal through the mobile app.

Fixed an issue where the work order description wasn't included in the email that the app sends when a work order is assigned.

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