2021 Releases: Overview

The table below lists the releases we've completed to date in 2021. To view detailed release notes, click the link in the Release Notes column.



Release Notes

May 3

  • Tenant cloning 
  • Database export via API
  • API enhancements


April 26

  • Bug fix: Parts marketplace 
  • Bug fix: Fiix logo size in emails


April 12

  • Assign single-task, single-asset work orders in mobile app
  • Accessibility enhancements in mobile app
  • Search for parts by description in mobile app
  • Confirmation when navigating away from unsaved work order (Android)
  • API enhancements
  • Bug fix: Location names in parts and supplies
  • Bug fix: Commas in meter readings when using mobile app in Swedish
  • Bug fix: Suggested completion dates in Android app across timezones
  • Bug fix: iOS expand task descriptions
  • Bug fix: Android cycle count crash


March 22

  • API enhancements
  • Bug fix: High Priority Work Order widget


March 15

  • Separate stock for POs on Purchase Planning Board


March 8

  • Separate stock for RFQs on Purchase Planning Board
  • Customized warranty types
  • Bug fix: WOs assigned to groups in Calendar
  • Bug fix: Inspection tasks created via API


March 1

  • Delete files on assets and work orders in mobile app
  • Hide deactivated stock in mobile app
  • Bug fix: Android crash
  • Bug fix: Android auth token refresh
  • Bug fix: iOS camera permissions
  • Bug fix: Alignment on iPad


February 22

  • Separate stock items
  • Bug fix: Shared dashboard widget names and filters


February 8

  • Site restrictions for receiving stock
  • Standardized parts list and hierarchy
  • API enhancements


February 1

  • Bug fix: Offset labels
  • Bug fix: Low stock widget


January 25

  • Dynamic reclassification in work order insights
  • Task completion anomalies in work order insights
  • Changes to minimum supported versions for mobile
  • Accessibility improvement for iOS app
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes for Android app


January 18

  • BUG-984: Freeze when uploading files with drag and drop
  • BUG-992: Wrong Total Value Counted for cycle counts


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