About setting up e-signatures

Before you begin

This feature is only available to customers on our Enterprise tier. To enable this feature for your organization, please contact a Fiix representative.

The e-signatures feature allows you to record signatures on work orders, which is helpful in complying with legislative requirements, such as CFR Part 11. When configured, your users can sign work orders using the mobile app.

The following rules apply to e-signatures:

  • Users can only sign work orders that have e-signatures enabled. To learn more, see Enable E-Signatures on Work Orders and Enable E-Signatures on Scheduled Maintenance.

  • When a work order has e-signature enabled, any user can sign it. However, once they sign it they can't delete their signature, and no other user can sign that work order.

  • Although users can technically sign work orders at any point in the process, we recommend that you advise them to sign off only when all the work order's tasks are complete.

There are 3 steps involved in setting up the e-signatures feature:

  1. Contact a Fiix representative to have the feature enabled for your organization.

  2. Configure permissions for e-signatures.

  3. Enable e-signatures on work orders and/or scheduled maintenance.

The links in the list above point to articles that contain step-by-step instructions for setting up e-signatures. To learn more about how users can sign work orders using the mobile app, see Sign Work Orders.

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