Enable e-signatures on scheduled maintenance

Before you begin

  • This feature is only available to customers on our Enterprise tier. To enable this feature for your organization, please contact a Fiix representative.

  • To complete this task, you must be assigned permission to enable e-signatures on work orders. To learn more, see Configure Permissions for E-Signatures.

Enabling e-signatures on a scheduled maintenance means that the feature will automatically be enabled on all the work orders it generates. If necessary, you can also enable e-signature on any individual work orders you need to create outside of your scheduled maintenance.

To enable e-signature on a scheduled maintenance:

  1. Navigate to Maintenance > Scheduled Maintenance.

  2. Click the scheduled maintenance you want to change the settings for.

  3. Select the Work orders created require signature checkbox:

  4. Click Save.

Now the mobile app will display the E-Signature section for all work orders generated for this scheduled maintenance, allowing users to sign them:

The E-Signature section in a work order

To learn how to sign work orders in the mobile app, see Sign Work Orders. To learn how to enable e-signatures on individual work orders, see Enable E-Signatures on Work Orders.

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