Submit a purchase request


This procedure demonstrates how to create a Purchase Request.  There are four modules where purchase requests are submitted. They are submitted from the Dashboard, Assets (Equipment, Tools), Parts and Supplies, and Work Orders modules.

Where to submit a purchase request:

Option 1: Dashboard

1.  To submit a purchase request from the dashboard, click Submit Purchase Request.


Option 2: Assets screen

1.  To submit a purchase request from the assets module select Assets, Equipment or Tools and select an asset


2.  Click More, and, Submit Purchase Request


Option 3: Supplies

1.  To submit a purchase request from the parts and supplies module select, Supplies, Parts And Supplies, and an asset


2.  Click More, and Submit Purchase Request


Option 4: Work orders

1. To submit a purchase request from a work order select, Maintenance, Work Orders, and select a work order


2. Click, Submit Purchase Request


Option 5: Purchase request form

1.  Clicking the Submit Purchase Request button generates the purchase request form.  The purchase request form has two options. A purchase request can be made for an item that already exist in the CMMS, or a purchase request can be made for an item that is not in the CMMS inventory.


2.  To request an item that already exists in the CMMS, select the Equipment/Tools/Parts/Supplies  window, and select an asset from the dropdown menu. Add a Quantity, and add more information if necessary to the More information on what you need and why field.  

The fields added under Additional Information are populated in the purchasing planning board. All of these fields are optional. Check off Production equipment is impacted, and is down while waiting for this item to create a red warning sign beside the line item in the purchasing planning board. The Account, Charge Department, Associated / Impacted Work Order, Associated / Impacted Asset are selected from the dropdown menu. The Required By Date is selected by clicking the calendar. Click OK to complete.


3.  To create a purchase request for an item that does not exist in the CMMS, select the Not in inventory? Describe what you need button. Add a detailed description of the part, and a Quantity.  Click OK to complete. Note: these items will not be added as records to the CMMS. This option is for consumables.


4.  All purchase requests populate in the purchasing planning board for review by the purchasing manager


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