Release notes: April 12, 2021

This release includes the following changes:

Mobile enhancements

We've made the following enhancements to our mobile apps:

  • You can now assign single-asset, single-task (or no-task) work orders directly on the Details tab. Multi-asset and multi-task work orders must still be assigned at the task level. To learn more, see Assign a work order.

  • We improved the app's accessibility by updating the colors on the login screens for better visibility. The new colors meet the WCAG 2.0 Level AAA/AA standard.

  • You can now search for parts by description (in addition to the existing ability to search by name, code, location name, and inventory code).

  • In the Android app, we now display a confirmation dialog when you close the new work order form without saving it.


API enhancements

Our API (version 2.19.0) now supports the following functionality:

  • Read/write access to project information on work orders.

  • New TaskGroupsToWorkOrder RPC to add task groups to work orders, which makes it much easier to create work orders through the API.

  • New DataExport RPC, which allows for the automation of data exports.

  • Read-only access to warranty information on assets using the new Warranty object.

  • Read-only access to task groups using the new TaskGroup object.

To learn more about our API, see our API Reference.


Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release:



35093, 42110, 43159, 44134, 46977, 49850, 51411, 51514, 51823

Fixed an issue where location names for stock items were not consistent between the Parts and Supplies list and the stock details.

46539, 47327

When you're using the mobile app in Swedish, we now display commas in meter readings instead of periods, as expected.


Fixed an issue in the Android app where the time associated with suggested completion dates was not correct if you were using the app across different timezones.

51619, 52214

Fixed an issue in the iOS app where users couldn't expand task descriptions.


Fixed an issue where the Android app sometimes crashed when using the cycle count feature.

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