Release notes: February 8, 2021

This release includes the following changes:

Site restrictions for receiving stock

The application now prevents users from receiving stock for sites they don’t have access to. Previously, users could receive stock for any site. Now, they’ll only be able to receive stock for their assigned sites (and for any child locations configured for those sites). This change helps prevent stock from accidentally being received to the wrong location.

If you need to receive stock for one of your sites, but a stock location has not yet been added for it, you can still add one using the New button at the bottom of the Current Stock window:

The Current Stock screen with the New button highlighted

Then, you can receive the stock at the newly added location.

Standardized parts list and hierarchy

We have standardized the list of parts you can view in purchase requests, purchase orders, receipts, and RFQs. Previously, the list view displayed all parts, while the hierarchy view displayed parts only for your assigned sites. Now, both views are consistent and display all parts, for all sites.

API enhancements

Our API (version 2.17.0) now supports the following functionality:

  • Accessing (read and write) the Confirmation # field for purchase orders using strTransactionID in the PurchaseOrder table.

  • Associating files with your purchase orders using intPurchaseOrderID in the File table.

  • Viewing failure code data using the new RCAAction, RCACause, and RCAProblem objects.

To learn more about our API, see our API Reference.

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