Release notes: January 25, 2021

This release includes the following changes:

Dynamic reclassification of open work orders


This feature only applies to open work orders.

In work order insights, open work orders will now be dynamically reclassified, which means that we continually re-evaluate them to find new anomalies.

In other words, if a work order becomes riskier over its lifespan (for example, because of a change in its configuration or how long it's been open), it now gets reclassified and this new risk appears in the report. This means that a work order that was low risk in one report could be reclassified as high risk in a later report if its risk level changes.

To learn more about work order insights, see About work order insights.


Task completion percentage anomalies


This feature only applies to closed work orders.

In work order insights, we now identify anomalies in the percentage of tasks that were marked as complete in closed work orders.

However, this doesn’t mean that a closed work order is automatically flagged as a risk if less than 100% of its tasks are marked as complete. Instead, we flag work orders where the percentage of completed tasks differs from the percentage you normally complete.

For example, if you normally complete 70% of the tasks on your work orders, we wouldn't flag a work order where 70% of the tasks were completed, but we would flag one where only 50% were.

To learn more about the anomalies we identify in work order insights, see Risks identified in work order insights and Data dictionary for work order insights. To learn more about work order insights in general, see About work order insights.


Minimum supported versions for mobile

As of this release, we've updated the minimum supported versions for the Android and iOS operating systems:

  • For Android, we support version 7 and later.
  • For iOS, we support version 12 and later.

If you're using Android 6 or iOS 11, please upgrade to a supported version.


Accessibility improvement for iOS

We improved the accessibility of the iOS app by updating the color of our bottom nav bar for better visibility. The new color meets the WCAG 2.0 Level AAA standard.


Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release of the Android app:




The app no longer crashes in cases where an inspection task was configured incorrectly in the web app.


You can now search for parts (in both Work Orders and Parts) using the part code.

The Done button is now visible when filtering in landscape mode.

You can now preview images when uploading.

Large files are now immediately uploaded and synced to the server.

Fixed issues that could cause the app to crash if it couldn't find account details or custom fields.

Fixed an issue where the app sometimes crashed if you navigated away quickly on the login screen or work request screens.

Fixed an issue syncing new work orders with files and tasks.

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