Basic setup: Overview

Before You Begin

If your organization operates in more than one location, we recommend deciding whether you want to pursue a single-site or multi-site configuration before you start setting up Fiix. To learn more, see About Multi-Site and Single-Site Configurations.

In this section, we walk you through the basic setup you'll need to complete before you can start using your CMMS.

Fiix provides many options for configuration, allowing you to customize your CMMS to meet your organization's needs. However, there are 4 main steps that all customers need to complete, regardless of the additional functionality they plan to configure.

Those 4 steps are:

Each item in the list above links you to an article that explains the most basic configuration steps for that area of the app. Within those articles, we also link out to additional configuration steps that you might want to complete in these areas, depending on your organization's needs. For example, the assets article linked above covers the most basic steps you must complete to create assets in the app, as well as links to additional asset setup tasks you might want to complete, such as creating asset categories or uploading files.

We've also put together a list of other features (such as parts, dashboards, and the work request portal) that you might want to configure once you've completed the basic setup tasks. To learn more, see Additional Configuration.

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