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Add a new meter reading unit


This article demonstrates how to create new meter reading units.  These can be used to log meter readings against assets, and trigger scheduled maintenances. The CMMS features a set of standard units:

Unit Name Unit Symbol
Hours h
ProductionHours ph
Revolutions rev
Litres l
Gallons g
Meters m
Miles mi
Kilopascals kPa
Pounds per square inch PSI
Cycles cycles
Kilometers km


This standard list can be updated in two ways:

1. Adding a new unit when inputting new meter reading data

2. Adding a new unit from the system settings

Note : Meter reading units are a system-wide setting. Even in a Multi-Site environment, all units will be available to all users, regardless of their assigned site.


1. Adding a new unit when inputting new meter reading data

1. To add a new unit when adding new meter reading data, navigate to the Meter Reading window. This window can be accessed by selecting an asset record, clicking Metering/Events, and New.


The Meter Reading window can also be reached by selecting a work order, clicking Meter Readings, and New.


2. From the Meter reading window, click on the Meter Reading Units dropdown menu.


3. Click New


4. Enter a unit Name, Symbol, specify the desired Precision, and click OK.


The new unit has been created, and you can now select it from the list.


2. Adding a new unit from the system settings

New units can be added from the system settings.

1. Click Settings, CMMS Settings, Lookup Tables, Meter Reading Units, and New

This list offers the same functionality as above, and you can also delete and edit existing units from the list. 

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