Record regular meter readings


This procedure will describe three useful methods to record meter readings on a regular basis. Three ways to record a meter reading outlined in this document include:

  1. Multi Asset Scheduled Maintenance (Preferred & recommended)
  2. Batch Meter Readings
  3. Using the MA Connect API


1. Multi-asset scheduled maintenance

1. Create a multi-asset scheduled maintenance as outlined in the Multi Asset Scheduled Maintenance procedure. 


2. Assign meter reading based tasks to the assets.  For more information about the different types of tasks, see the Labor Tasks procedure.


3. When the scheduled maintenance generates a work order, the assigned user can open the work order, click Labor Tasks, and add the meter reading to the Result column for each asset.


2. Batch meter readings

The Batch Meter Reading function can be used to update multiple meter readings, for multiple assets in the same instance.

1. Click on the Batch Meter Reading button.



2. Select the assets from the dropdown menu, add a Reading, select a Unit, and click OK


3. Using the API

It is possible to send your meter data directly from your equipment into the CMMS through the API. This requires some custom development on your end to connect your systems to the CMMS. For more info, see the API section on our website here - .

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