Dashboard FAQ

What is a widget?

A widget is what we call one of the boxes on the dashboard.

Widgets are pre-built movable, resizable metrics you can set up to give you your chosen KPIs at a glance.


Why can't I see this new dashboard?

The dashboard is available on our new Basic, Professional, Enterprise and Performance tiers.

Please contact your account manager at for details on how to upgrade to a supported tier.

If you are on one of our supported tiers and cannot see the new Fiix Dashboard, send an email to


What happens if I accidentally delete all my dashboards

You will have a blank dashboard. If you have sufficient permissions you can reload your default dashboard 


The widget I want doesn't exist

Contact your account manager at if you have ideas for new widgets.

We do value your input and earlier versions of Fiix were made entirely through customer's suggestions and we are always looking for ways to always make Fiix better and make your job easier.


I don't have time to read these articles, Can I see some video?

Contact us on 








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