Set the default dashboard for your organization

Before you begin

Plans: Professional and Enterprise

Audience: Administrators and any other user groups with the necessary permissions assigned. To learn more about how permissions work, see About permissions.

Permissions required for this task:

  • Page permissions: CMMS Settings

  • Menu permissions: Can See 'Settings' Top Menu, Can See 'CMMS Settings' Menu Item

The default dashboard for your organization is the one that’s displayed automatically when users open analytics. You can only set one default dashboard for your entire organization. In other words, you can't set different default dashboards for different users. To learn more about viewing dashboards in analytics, see View dashboards.

To set the default dashboard for your organization:

  1. Navigate to Settings > CMMS Settings.

  2. Click the Analytics tab.

  3. In the Default dashboard name field, enter the name of the dashboard you want to set as the default for your organization.


    This field is case-sensitive. Make sure you enter the dashboard name exactly as it appears in analytics.

  4. Click Save.

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