Release notes: March 28, 2022

This release includes the following changes:

General enhancements

Implemented enhancements to improve system performance.


Bug fixes




Fixed an issue where user groups could be activated as users through links on specific list views.

63124, 63143, 63208, 63235, 63445, 63502,

Fixed an issue caused by a recent Chrome update that changed some CSS functionality, resulting in scroll bars appearing in certain UI panels.


Fixed an issue where links using "%20" to denote a space were re-encrypted, breaking the link.

51019, 51375, 51504, 52145, 52234, 53599, 53606, 54025

Fixed an issue where users were erroneously configured to receive purchase order notifications.

Fixed an issue where users upgrading their plan could select fewer seats than their current number of active users. Users can now see their number of active users before selecting number of seats.

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